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August 2017

Construction and Building Round Up

Radiata laminated Clears grade fins installed by Paragon Construction

Radiata Clears laminated grade fins installed by Paragon Construction

Building Round Up – Building consents as shown below in the graph (sourced from the Department of Statistics). The end of June figures report building  consents being issued at around 30,000 per annum. Builders report mainly busy times at the top end of the market but fairly slow on the middle to bottom end. This reflects I guess the slowdown in the market. No where is this more evident than in Christchurch. Even Auckland has a lot of builders worried about work loads. The other issue is that way too many builders and especially commercial construction contractors are not making enough money.  Equally there is a lot of talk about rising building costs but the materials suppliers are not making super profits, the builders are certainly not.  The costs to build have risen a lot due to the huge increase in regulatory requirements ( health and safety, building code changes, council and government rules and laws(i.e. RMA, Fire Code). 

Source: Statistics New Zealand

Timspec Cedar in action

Broswick Builders using good old Timspec. Accoya used on verandah.

Broswick Builders again

Accoya weather boards

Oak T&G - hard to beat

American White Oak stair treads

Broswick Builders winning team at the Master Builders awards

Accoya posts in black with Cedar from Christchurch job

Accoya posts and cedar screen from Christchurch

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Current Feature Stories
August 2017
/imagesdb/Issue/4f176878-b3f5-4c1e-a81d-4becc7a83abc.jpgEmails & Technology
we like all are trying to update things and become more efficient with accounts and information.
/imagesdb/Issue/5a683c38-ab2e-482d-bc26-49004a05c2ea.jpgStaff News
A few changes in staff, with some coming and some going. Overall pretty stable. We are looking for some more talent.
/imagesdb/Issue/8e64db45-79ee-4e03-8970-65aa52a393c8.jpgSupply Overview
Supply dynamics show tight Cedar supplies, US hardwoods in general okay, Kwila decking very interesting. Local timbers we see Radiata clears as being good, but Rimu very poor.
An election, banking issues and shortage of skilled labour makes for interesting times.
Current Feature Stories
April 2017
/imagesdb/Issue/f06b479e-3a2a-4695-9c59-ef4b7ba2c624.jpgTimspec's new product
After a 5 year quest we have found a great new product. The Engineered T&G Flooring, we have found, will we hope allow us to develop some new markets.
/imagesdb/Issue/7ad7bb0a-4727-4a6f-ac81-bb47f0acaba0.jpgStaff & Company news
We celebrate 26 years of business this year. we are now on instagram, as well as on Archipro check us out.
/imagesdb/Issue/56612b6a-9e3f-4677-863a-d32a14a017a9.jpgSame old timber supplies???
Same old, same Old? Not really, we are seeing lots of stuff happening.
/imagesdb/Issue/bec20377-b3a3-427f-8fad-5aa729f4ffbc.jpg2017 off to a good start
We stated 2017 in a mixed state of mind. Expectations were high, so far we are seeing lots of potential and upside as well as frustration.
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