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Nov 2016

Sustainable use of timber seminars

Our seminars on use of sustainable timber held this week have been well received and we are pleased to be able to offer these as to all as learning experience. We are lucky to be able to call on such experienced speakers as Criswell Davis and Laurens Notenboom. The link here sets out the overall theme and we have some photos from the event. We had some nice coasters made and these were handed out at the seminars, see below.

Black Walnut Coaster

The Accoya story continues with more science and research supporting the marketing work we do. The Graph below depicts results done by independent research in Norway and shows just how far ahead of all competing products Accoya is. the bottom line represents Accoya. The results do show a disappointing result for Thermo wood. a link to the paper is set out below.

On the effect of climate and exposure conditions on durability indicators and their potential for service life prediction of  woodbased products.. Research being

Scion Research in Rotorua have an ongoing research project ( now 10 years old) and this shows how Accoya compares to the local timbers.

The response has been fantastic to the seminars and we plan more (details available at ...)and we got some rave reviews..

Next year we aim to have an Australian influence added to showcase some of the beautiful Australian Hardwoods that are all PEFC certified and readily available from Timspec. watch out for the invites and if you want to find out more register your interest here...

From left to right: Denny (Timspec), Jonathan (Timspec), Laurens (Accsys Technologies), Criswell (American Hardwoods), Stephen (Timspec)

Criswell Davis (left) with Jonathan Rugg
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Current Feature Stories
November 2016
/imagesdb/Issue/a3e7f265-471a-4823-80b7-38ac263f029b.jpgStaff Updates
A few new faces and a busy team.
/imagesdb/Issue/2482450c-c251-453a-98f0-89b2c8703747.jpgSupply Chain update
Not a lot of surprises, naturally durable timber supplies are limited and by and large the recovery from GFC and re build in NZ have stretched supply chain capacities to supply.
/imagesdb/Issue/283ae19f-4125-4c2a-b276-7a18c196d7c1.jpgThe year in review
A great year with strong growth again, although as is the norm in our industry there are lots of peaks and troughs along the way. Very strong regional patterns emerging with 3 areas standing out. Central Otago, Canterbury and Auckland are the drivers, the rest are small by comparison.
/imagesdb/Issue/0342c3d8-b547-48b1-9db0-80bce71370dd.jpgSustainable use of timber seminars
Again Timspec has hosted a series of seminars this year in Christchurch, Queenstown and Auckland. Speakers from USA and Europe spoke about American Hardwoods and Acetylated wood.
/imagesdb/Issue/d72e6fff-b0a6-4090-b420-4ab520c15272.jpgClose down dates for Xmas and our Xmas message
Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year to All from the team at Timspec. It sure as been a busy and eventful year.
Current Feature Stories
July 2016
/imagesdb/Issue/8a261184-b6e1-4acc-abdb-d2bd5d20468b.jpgStaff News
A few changes with Staff. See below for details.
/imagesdb/Issue/0740b360-55b1-46ff-b2ea-708efb686bb7.jpgSupply Update
No great surprises currently. Costs here and there rising although often times mitigated by exchange rate fluctuations.
/imagesdb/Issue/3c43d31e-8ab4-4367-99c5-7457450efb1d.jpgMarket Update
As we all see the huge number of buildings being renovated and new builds it is sometimes hard to comprehend the ups and downs. June and July were not especially busy.
/imagesdb/Issue/edd0f162-bcb7-4a45-86a8-8d0515fb693f.jpgNew Web Site
Changing times mean we have updated our web site. New graphics and images as well as more oomph make it awesome.
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Promoting sustainable
forest management

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