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September 2018

Supply chains

Western Red Cedar the supply chain is holding but will be interesting if there is any uptick in demand. Costs from Canada seem firm. Enough just to get by but we are facing a falling NZ dollar and costs rising here so expect further cost increases.

Radiata Pine, steady supply and log prices off a little. In terms of Appearance grades and Clears in particular we see a lot of serious competition from imported Radiata from Asia and South America. Mostly in mouldings but now we are seeing some Asian weather boards appearing and it will be very interesting to see how these pan out.

Export of Radiata logs is big  business for NZ.

US Hardwoods supply a mixed bunch. The likely imposition of tariffs on US hardwoods being imported to China has seen some dramatic price reductions in Red Oak and Cherry. However in the main lines of interest to us here in NZ White Oak and White Ash, prices that have been escalating are now stable. The supply lines for White Ash remain dim with the Green Emerald Borer decimating the forest. White Oak demand overall remains very strong. Black Walnut is in strong demand and although the Chinese tariff issue has meant slightly softer Walnut pricing this seems likely to be short lived. Shipping from the US has been the most difficult I have ever known as shipping lines cause delays in containers arriving mainly with cargo being held up in Asian ports. The below graph indicates how important the Chinese/Asian market are to the USA hardwood producers.

US Hardwood Lumber Exports

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Promoting sustainable
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