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April 2017

Same old timber supplies???

Western Red Cedar specialist sawmill selecting and sorting for grain, colour as well as size and length.

What is happening with supplies of timber? The Cedar supply situation is up and down and seems to deteriorating as a bad winter and fair demand has seen supplies tighten further. Feedback from Canada shows sawmills being forced to take shutdowns as shortages of logs make it impossible to keep going. No doubt the impending trade sanctions with the USA do not help. Nonetheless clearly supply is not in good shape. The NZ dollar is off highs and showing signs of falling somewhat. We are being warned that costs for the old growth clear Cedar will rise again this year. None of this should be a total surprise when all said and done the old growth Cedar at 5-800 years old was always going to run out???The US Hardwood supply is fairly stable and nothing too exciting , premium product in Black Walnut and White Oak are being bid up in price as demand exceeds supply. In Australia a standoff between Vic Forests and the State Government with Australian Sustainable Hardwoods has been a talking point for weeks, with the livelihood of 260 direct employees and many hundreds of others at risk. The Ash group Eucalypt resource is managed sustainably it is the animals that live in the forests that are at risk. The forests are renewed by fire and so managing them does not seem a bad thing, balance is the issue and problems with positions on the environmental and production sides not helping. Unfortunately at the time of writing it seems likely that the sawmill we depend upon and is the largest in Australia could close. We like many others do not want to see habitat destroyed but think there has to be balance. In NZ the supply of Rimu and Matai are very tight.

Colour, and grain as well as size and length sorted Western Red Cedar ready to go to market.

The market overall is strong with high levels of Building Consents (by historic standards) being written. In particular the Auckland region and the Central Otago region are seeing lots of higher end homes being built. The impact of shortages of skilled labour is something we hear about weekly and lots of Joiners, Builders and other trades are all feeling the impacts. The details on Building Consent issuance is covered in other sections.

Tom Oilar from Cole Hardwood showing me some White Ash that is destined to come to us here in NZ.

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