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August 2017

North American Hardwoods

North American Hardwoods – in general no surprises pleasant or unpleasant. White Oak is not overly available but not too tight to warrant prices rising. Some items in White Oak are always hard to get and this is still the case. White Ash sees strong demand and supply. We hear supply is struggling to keep abreast, of demand now that Europe is back buying.Comments from the USA recently indicate good demand in Asia holding prices up and generally good domestic demand from USA. Meaning some items showing small cost rises. Interesting that Cherry is showing strong demand and prices rising for the first time in 5-7 years. Black Walnut is still short and prices rising.

White Oak – getting all we need from USA. Seeing some tightness as usual in getting wider widths but generally all okay. we have good stocks of Super Prime grade in 40 and 50mm and have a more coming along with some 25mm which we are all but out of stock. T&G Flooring feedstock is in good shape and we have a reasonable stock of our normal Comsel and Prime grades in 25, 40 and 50mm thicknesses.

White Ash -  supplies are fairly tight although getting what we need. I am hearing that the death of trees across the US is gaining traction as the Green Emerald Ash borer does it best to destroy the White Ash resource. No remedy has yet been found and many believe the resource will not last many years. a huge shame.

Black Walnut – a few high profile jobs being priced out and hearing of a lot of jobs using Black Walnut for commercial and T&G. we have good stocks of 25 and 50mm for servicing the market.

Hard Maple & Cherry – muted demand and up and down in demand. Chery has been very quiet for years but a few jobs recently. We have some super prime stock. Hard Maple comes and goes depends on commercial jobs by and large. Hard Maple makes a great T&G.

Randy Cole from Cole Hardwoods

US Hardwoods by Cole Hardwood. One of our fine suppliers

Careful drying of US hardwoods help keep their reputation not the sheds with roof but no walls.

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