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Promoting sustainable
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April 2018

North American Hardwoods

In general demand for US Hardwoods is strong and prices rising as the Chinese buy up logs in competition to local US sawmills. The worldwide demand for White Oak is still driving costs to remain steady and for the herder to get specification to rise. For example wider width boards are rising in cost and so is thicker end section stock. White Ash supplies are becoming harder and harder to access at costs that they were. The Green Emerald Borer is rapidly killing all the White Ash trees in the USA!!! Cherry is seeing somewhat of a comeback and Black Walnut is crazy. Black Walnut costs are up again and we are seeing some serious increases across the board.

White Oak - supplies of wider width for making wide board solid White Oak T&G Flooring is rising and supplies dwindling. The increasing use of Engineered T&G is the only thing that is stopping even more inflation. The narrower sections are less under pressure ( price wise) but still tight. the thicker end sections (40 and 50mm) are also strongly sought after. I guess one explanation would be the buying up from China and locally has pushed forest owners to sell more than normal and smaller trees are being milled leading to less wide board production etc. we are stocking Super Prime ( where clears are demanded in wider widths and longer lengths) as well as Prime Grade, and Comsels. Of course we have some specials in the form of wide boards 40 and 50mm and set widths in 150 and 200mm wide. Bearing in that Prime Grade is not clears.

White Ash - supplies are really tightening up and most of our suppliers are warning they cant get the Ash they used to. This means we are struggling to keep up with demand as well. Stocks are in reasonable shape and we are carrying more than we normally do to cope with the wild ups and downs in demand we are seeing.  We have Prime Grade 25, 40, 50 and 75mm thick random width stock on hand.

Black Walnut - good stocks in 25 and 50mm and we are stocking a special grade which is produced for the Japanese market which we call "super Prime" its not perfect but hard to get perfect walnut.

Hard Maple - stocks on hand in a super white grade, as super as it gets. great buying value!!! we stock 25, and 50mm.

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Promoting sustainable
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