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September 2018

Lots happening out and about

I started this newsletter in July and have been remiss in getting it finished so here we go. Business has seen some strange ups and downs so looking forward is difficult to read. Definitely a slowdown in Canterbury but elsewhere we are busy as. Lead times on machining are getting longer and longer, and despite some serious competition it seems we are all seeing more business after a relatively quiet winter. Auckland is supposed to host 90 construction cranes at present and we are in a boom, so how is it that a lot of the large construction companies struggle to make any money????? weird aye.

Hardwood decking is getting a shake up with new species and new demands. The Kwila supply chain is moving rapidly towards being FSC 100%. Our supplier is now FSC and we are anxiously awaiting our first FSC 100% shipments we expect in November or December.

In the meantime our supplier is shipping us FSC control wood. We are working with the same supplier on a new range of Taun products to offer out. The volumes of Kwila will, we believe decline, but we will see other species arising such as the Taun & Spotted Gum.

Spotted Gum is our new alternative to a tropical hardwood. Spotted Gum is well known and in strong demand in Australia for decking and T&G Flooring. We are fortunate enough to have secured a strong supply chain for the Spotted Gum which is above ground class 1 durable and comes in a premium range of 90x22 and 134x22, which we have had oiled in Cabot’s (Feast Watson) Natural decking oil.

Our flyer for the Spotted Gum is available on our web site for download at under downloads. Cabot's have given us a specification for the maintenance of the oil used on the decking that is also available for download, same place.

Walnut stained Spotted Gum

Spotted Gum Flooring

The wide board option of Spotted Gum has been engineered to span 600mm joist spacing. A big saving.

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