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August 2017


Part of the Auckland skyline and 10 cranes at work.

The year is flying along. Being an election year as well as a wet winter we are seeing things slower than we have hoped for. The big question is why?? Some factors we figure are to do the financing regimes for the Building and Construction sector. The changes to the banking regime, where first home buyers need 20% and others need more, has reduced the number of buyers. Banks we understand are also  being constrained with the Reserve Bank limiting them  as to how much they can lend into the construction/property sector. The result of caution from the effects of the GFC, I guess. The general election in September also causes some uncertainty and along with wet weather we are seeing slower activity than we had hoped for and planned on. Delays in construction related to weather, planning and other factors almost seem the norm.

Elections always create uncertainty

Of some importance to all is the imminent release of the revised Building Code NZS3604, it is hoped that this document may help lead the way forward in terms of some of the new products being introduced to the market . We all understand weather boards are only required to last 15 years as far as the Building Code is concerned but do the people buying homes understand and appreciate that? Is this realistic, the scary part is that if low goals are set then products are manufactured to meet low standards.   I sure hope we see some guidance from MBIE on how new products should be introduced to the market and how the punters can be sure a product is fir for purpose.  Codemark Certificates , as far as I know are for systems and not products.  Products you would think are fit for the purpose intended .  The question should be asked who approves a product as being fit for purpose? We have in recent times seen products that at best stretch the realms of belief as being okay.

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Current Feature Stories
August 2017
/imagesdb/Issue/4f176878-b3f5-4c1e-a81d-4becc7a83abc.jpgEmails & Technology
we like all are trying to update things and become more efficient with accounts and information.
/imagesdb/Issue/5a683c38-ab2e-482d-bc26-49004a05c2ea.jpgStaff News
A few changes in staff, with some coming and some going. Overall pretty stable. We are looking for some more talent.
/imagesdb/Issue/8e64db45-79ee-4e03-8970-65aa52a393c8.jpgSupply Overview
Supply dynamics show tight Cedar supplies, US hardwoods in general okay, Kwila decking very interesting. Local timbers we see Radiata clears as being good, but Rimu very poor.
An election, banking issues and shortage of skilled labour makes for interesting times.
Current Feature Stories
April 2017
/imagesdb/Issue/f06b479e-3a2a-4695-9c59-ef4b7ba2c624.jpgTimspec's new product
After a 5 year quest we have found a great new product. The Engineered T&G Flooring, we have found, will we hope allow us to develop some new markets.
/imagesdb/Issue/7ad7bb0a-4727-4a6f-ac81-bb47f0acaba0.jpgStaff & Company news
We celebrate 26 years of business this year. we are now on instagram, as well as on Archipro check us out.
/imagesdb/Issue/56612b6a-9e3f-4677-863a-d32a14a017a9.jpgSame old timber supplies???
Same old, same Old? Not really, we are seeing lots of stuff happening.
/imagesdb/Issue/bec20377-b3a3-427f-8fad-5aa729f4ffbc.jpg2017 off to a good start
We stated 2017 in a mixed state of mind. Expectations were high, so far we are seeing lots of potential and upside as well as frustration.
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Promoting sustainable
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