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Nov 2016

Asia and Pacific Hardwoods

Asian and Pacific Timbers – Kwila makes up the bulk of the demand and supply equation. Kwila has had a huge disruptive year with demand all over the place and prices plummeting and now rocketing back up. Vitex supply from the Solomon Islands is steady. We are still buying from the old VETE supply base and have a steady albeit supply.

Kwila – The supply has been out of balance with demand and most prices ( especially decking dimensions) dropped below cost) the balance has been restored and now prices are rocketing up. Our main supplier is awaiting their last FSC audit for their processing to provide FSC chain of custody Kwila for us. We hope once this last audit has been successfully approved we might see some FSC Kwila in the later part of the first Quarter of 2017. We carry a great range of stock in D4S in 19, 32 and 42mm from 42mm wide to 140mm wide. We also carry a full range of KD blanked 25, 40 and 50mm stock. Limited PEFC certified stock in 100x100, 150x75 and 150x150.

Malaysian Kauri – slow sales although we do have good stocks. So can offer great service and quality.

Vitex – seeing quite a lot of Indonesian Vitex appearing here and although cheaper it is a mixed bag with QC in terms of species selection seeing product being imported which is not Vitex but other inferior species.. so buyers be wary of cheap stuff which is not what it is being sold as!!! Vitex costs and availability is no different and demand is steady to strong. Mainly being used in Decking. The certification issues are still unresolved as far as I know. We do our best to make sure our supply chain is as good as is available. We have seen some Vitex from Indonesia and it has been a mixed bag, some is a poorly graded poorly selected mix of similar coloured species. some no doubt will be okay.. we are not importing the stuff cause we got samples and even the samples illustrated a mix of species of which we knew little in respect of durability and performance as decking. Lets hope the importers that are trading in this material know more than us.

Is this really Vitex, LBB...

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November 2016
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A few new faces and a busy team.
/imagesdb/Issue/2482450c-c251-453a-98f0-89b2c8703747.jpgSupply Chain update
Not a lot of surprises, naturally durable timber supplies are limited and by and large the recovery from GFC and re build in NZ have stretched supply chain capacities to supply.
/imagesdb/Issue/283ae19f-4125-4c2a-b276-7a18c196d7c1.jpgThe year in review
A great year with strong growth again, although as is the norm in our industry there are lots of peaks and troughs along the way. Very strong regional patterns emerging with 3 areas standing out. Central Otago, Canterbury and Auckland are the drivers, the rest are small by comparison.
/imagesdb/Issue/0342c3d8-b547-48b1-9db0-80bce71370dd.jpgSustainable use of timber seminars
Again Timspec has hosted a series of seminars this year in Christchurch, Queenstown and Auckland. Speakers from USA and Europe spoke about American Hardwoods and Acetylated wood.
/imagesdb/Issue/d72e6fff-b0a6-4090-b420-4ab520c15272.jpgClose down dates for Xmas and our Xmas message
Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year to All from the team at Timspec. It sure as been a busy and eventful year.
Current Feature Stories
July 2016
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A few changes with Staff. See below for details.
/imagesdb/Issue/0740b360-55b1-46ff-b2ea-708efb686bb7.jpgSupply Update
No great surprises currently. Costs here and there rising although often times mitigated by exchange rate fluctuations.
/imagesdb/Issue/3c43d31e-8ab4-4367-99c5-7457450efb1d.jpgMarket Update
As we all see the huge number of buildings being renovated and new builds it is sometimes hard to comprehend the ups and downs. June and July were not especially busy.
/imagesdb/Issue/edd0f162-bcb7-4a45-86a8-8d0515fb693f.jpgNew Web Site
Changing times mean we have updated our web site. New graphics and images as well as more oomph make it awesome.
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Promoting sustainable
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